Custom in-home Bar

Aug 2, 2021  |   Sherrick

In-Home Custom Bar

From our 2021 Artisan Home, this custom Bar is reminiscent of taverns or pubs from decades ago. With rich and luxurious woodwork, deep tones, subtle lighting, and the finest attention to detail, there is so much to love and learn from this custom design.

The Details of this pub-like Bar

The homeowner, a craft beer enthusiast, wanted to be able to create and brew ales. Additionally, he wanted a method of discreet delivery of these homebrews to his guests (in other words, he wanted to use the bar’s tap for his handcrafted brews). 

Adjacent to the bar, behind double swing restaurant doors, is the home brewery (interior of this area not pictured by request) is complete with all necessary brewing capabilities. In the brewing room, within a large walk-in refrigerator, the magic of this home brewery begins. Running behind the walls and under the concrete slab, air-lines, regulators, and countless couplers, lines, and suppliers work together to deliver hand-crafted beverages to one of the six taps.

The stained glass, aged wood, mercury glass, hand-polished bar top, and a dark, almost brooding and ominous presence complete this true-to-form recreation of a classic taproom bar.

Adjoining Spaces

Stonewood Handcrafted Homes prides itself on bringing the finest of products, innovation, and craftsmanship to its clients. Furthermore, Stonewood always ensures the details of a specific want within a home, such as home brewery and pub, do not look or feel as if they were an after-thought or, from a holistic perspective, simply added to home’s footprint with little or no regard to the balance of the home’s aesthetic.

As pictured here, you will notice that directly across from the bar is the wine room – more on that in a moment. Beyond that and in the center of the photo, the home theater. Just before that seating that looks out to the terrace through two, large, accordion patio doors. And on the far left, a gathering room with a wood-burning fireplace.

As a complete space, the dark tones of the bar extend to the rest of the space. Seating is casual and comfortable. There are subtle transitions from one area to the next, however, everything feels cohesive and very connected. 

The Wine Room

Climate and Humidity controlled, this extremely unique design has a beautiful presence in the space. It truly epitomizes form and function. 

Handcrafted from top to bottom and inside to out, the wine room features:

  • A brick floor
  • Custom wine racks of white oak and walnut
  • Individual lighting controls (all on, all off, or combinations)
  • Custom stained millwork
  • Custom curved glass windows
  • Secured entrance
  • Climate and humidity controlled

Let us know your thoughts on these spaces. 

We are grateful for our client’s feedback throughout the process of building their home as well as their perception of the finished project. Each quarter, we post a small editorial in Artful Living. Coming soon, the Fall issue will feature this home and the homeowners’ feedback on the process of working with Stonewood. Be sure to give it a read when you have time. 

Also, feel free to leave some feedback about this or other posts.

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