Whole-Home Renovation in Golf Course Neighbor of Eden Prairie

Aug 2, 2021  |   Info

Whole-Home Renovation from Laundyroom to Dining and Living

This Eden Prairie golf course home is the subject of this post as we look into the whole-home renovation and remodeling process by Revision.


The Dining Room and More


Dining Rooms have fallen a bit out of favor over the years. However, as of late, the formal dining room is seeing a resurgence in popularity. Perhaps the reason behind this can be correlated to the fact that many families are spending more time, together, at home these days. Maybe, like many other aspects of home design and decor, it is following its natural cyclical progression and is now back in the thick of things. Regardless, the formal dining rooms are back in the spotlight. 

Part of a whole-home renovation, this dining room sets itself apart from the rest of the home with its unique finishes and simple charm.

White enameled finishes give the room a light and airy feeling – elements needed to contrast the heavy feeling of the hand-scraped beams above. The wall-covering brings in another textural element. Together, all elements playing off of each other in perfect harmony.

With enough room for eight people to enjoy a diner together, this room welcomes back the formal dining space.

Adjacent to the Dining Room, the perfect butler’s pantry. Which in this case, is much closer to a scullery as it does have the requisite running water and sink.

The Kitchen and Laundry


Kitchen and Laundry Rooms

Not subjects typically combined together as a subject, but these two spaces in the same home share some commonalities in design and utility that are very you and somewhat connected. 

A mix of traditional and contemporary, this kitchen features modern appliances, traditional and modern millwork styles, and a bright and open feel.

Perhaps most striking is the wire-brushed finish of the center island cabinets and refrigerator panels. Made of oak, the black stained cabinets quickly become a focal feature within the kitchen. Even though these cabinets have the potential to overshadow the rest of the space, they are appropriately balanced with the white cabinets and light-colored walls that surround them.

Throughout the main floor, a gray stained oak floor adds the first bit of warm and earthy tonal qualities and colors to the room. The chevron-patterned tile backsplash with its wood-grain pattern and earth tones ensure that the entire scene is brought together cohesively.

The laundry room features LVT floorcovering, Corian counters, custom millwork, and custom finishes. However, the most remarkable feature is the center island. With lockable castors, the island in this laundry room can be positioned based on what is being done in the space. This is a genius design and executed perfectly. 

Dinette, Gathering Room, and Living Room


These three spaces almost bring our tour of this Eden Prairie golf course home to a close.

The dinette, just off of the kitchen, was designed to take advantage of the exterior views. Here, as we updated other parts of the home, we simply brought it up to the current design aesthetics of the home. 

The gathering room, again off of the kitchen, was redesigned with custom cabinets, a new fireplace surround, and finishes to match the rest of the renovation. 

The living room, with its high-ceiling, received some detailed woodwork, new stonework on the fireplace and again, fresh finishes in keeping with the rest of the home renovation. 

The Sunroom


The sunroom is such a beautifully reimagined space within this home. 

The hand-scraped beams are mirrored throughout the rest of the home but find their inspiration from this application. The room, allowing plenty of sun and fantastic views of the property, is welcoming at either the beginning of the day or the end. With plenty of seating, or room to stretch out, this space has become the owners’ favorites. 

Let us know your thoughts on these spaces. 

And if you are looking to start a renovation or remodeling project of your own, we would love the opportunity to hear about your plans. Take a few moments to run through our contact form and we will be in touch with you soon!

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