The Making of an Artisan Home

Aug 9, 2021  |   Sherrick

The Making of an Artisan Home

As we enter the second half of 2021, the Stonewood team is hard at work with several beautiful homes slated for completion in 2022. One of which, we are excited to say, will be our 2022 Artisan Home. 

With views of Tanager Lake, on a beautifully wooded lot, this Lake Minnetonka home is a home you should add to your must-see list on next year’s tour. 

As part of the tour, we invite you to watch the process of creating this remarkable home. At the time of writing, the home was well into framing with its final shape being defined. Take a look… 

More to Come

As the home progress, the video will be updated, some still images will be added, and more detailed information will be provided. Be sure to follow along, here or on Facebook or YouTube.

Let us know your thoughts on these spaces. 

And if you are looking to start a renovation or remodeling project of your own, we would love the opportunity to hear about your plans. Take a few moments to run through our contact form and we will be in touch with you soon!

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