Stonewood Spaces

Apr 2, 2020  |   Sven Gustafson

With Minnesota resident’s spending a lot more time at home right now, we’ve rounded up some of the spaces in our Stonewood homes that are likely being highly used during this time!

Suddenly working from home? Here are a few of our favorite home offices:

Suddenly entertaining your children? How about homeschooling? Here are some of our Stonewood spaces that could help!




Or if you’re lucky enough, you could be finding yourself catching up on Netflix shows…or hitting fitness goals in these spaces:

And if you’re like most of us – your kitchen has never been used more! With the dishwasher running more frequently and cookbooks being put to use, the kitchen seems to be what is holding us all together:


We hope you and your family are finding a new normal during all of this and enjoying more time spent together, while utilizing every room in the house! 


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