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May 3, 2021  |   Sherrick

Plaster Work

an Artist Spotlight:

Lux Architectural Finishes

Today, while touring homes nearing completion, I happened upon the opportunity to catch up with our plasterer, mid-project. He was in the process of applying one of the many coats required to create the finished look. He shared that this particular finished look requires, typically, five days to achieve. Each day, a different layer or step in the process, from preparation and priming through finishing to the desired polished look. In this case, a modest amount of sheen. 

Here is a sample of what the finished plaster look will be:

Plaster Work×900.jpg×450.jpg×400.jpg

As I chatted with Hans, he shared a bit about the process, the history of the craft, and what the future may hold as new applications and processes are being developed and used in other parts of the country and world. Indeed, lath and plaster walls may not find their way into your new home, but who knows? Plaster application is seeing a resurgence in a few eastern states and is still widely used throughout much of Europe as stone and brick construction remain the norm, as they have for centuries. 

Regardless, hats off to this Artisan – Hans Thorkelson of Lux Architectural Finishing. The craftsmanship is beautiful and we couldn’t be happier having Lux Architectural Finishes providing these pieces of art for our clients. 


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