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Oct 14, 2021  |   Sherrick

Staircases – So Very Influencial

“Staircases are often the feature of an entrance; the first place of welcome and greeting in a home. The entryway has the opportunity to set the feeling and tone for the rest of the home. There are so many spaces in a home that require our attention – kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc. And while they are all important, we believe the rewards are great for time invested in designing stairs and railing, with style. A staircase can tie together all aspects of your home. Not only are stairs and railing the primary focus of an entry, but they are generally visible from many areas of the home, giving them huge stylistic reach and influence. Staircases set the tone and style from the beginning, letting everything else flow from that place of inspiration.”

How perfectly expressed by Heather Fritz and a great segue into this post about Staircases by Stonewood Handcrafted Custom Homes. 

Staircases | Mono-Stringiners, Wrought Iron, and Wires

Mono-stringers, wrought iron pictured here, create a contemporary statement. Creating an almost ethereal look, the steps, pictured here in white oak, appear to be floating in space as one ascends or descends the staircase. 

Both of these stairs are accompanied by metal accents. The first image uses a cable-rail system as opposed to traditional post and spindle rails. The second features metal skirting and rails. Both, elegant and sleek. Clean-lined, open, and the perfect grounding to the style and look found throughout the rest of each home’s design. 

Staircases – Classic or Modern

Whether your new home by Stonewood Handcrafted Custom Homes is a reflection of your affinity to the lakes, the clean look of a modern design, or the timeless charm of a classic, your staircase will be a beautiful statement piece. Whichever direction reflects your family’s style, the design of your staircase will anchor the design that will resonate throughout the rest of your home. 

The Art of Staircases×800.jpg×800.jpg

Notice how natural sunlight enters through the windows, reflecting off of the steps and passing through the open spaces. This helps keep the adjoining hall filled with natural light, allowing the vibrant colors of the wall-art to catch the eye of anyone within, or near the space. This effect further shows the importance of a staircase as its design has such an impact on what, if not considered properly, would have become little more than a corridor from one area of the home to the next. 

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