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Oct 21, 2021  |   Sherrick

Specialty Rooms & Spaces

Perhaps more than ever before, we are spending more time at home. Specialty Rooms and Spaces, those tailored to our individual desires and lifestyles, have become the highlight of the design process. No longer left to complete at a later point in time, home offices, craft rooms, swimming pools, and so much more have come to the forefront of our mind’s eye when envisioning the home of our dreams. 

The Craft and Art Rooms

Whether a hobbyist, a place for the grandkids to explore their creative nature, or a room to follow your passion, the Arts and Craft Room has found a home in many floor plans of today. 

Not only a place to allocate all the decorative wares and supplies but design elements that inspire. Task lighting, LVT floor covering, abundant cabinet space, and even center island on wheels – the rooms call everyone to come and play for a while.

Bright, colorful, and full of whimsy and charm. What’s not to love?

Wine Rooms and Bars

Although certainly not new to luxury home building, Wine Rooms and Pub Rooms have transformed into spaces that are entirely reflective of our personal style and, often, our lineage. 

Pictured here are two great examples which are testaments to this change. Each is unique in its own right and very much representative of the owner’s personality—luxurious finishes, classic woodwork, contemporary lines, modern technology, and much more.

Pools and Patios

A place to unwind – the spaces we love the most. 

There is no denying the refreshed feeling that follows soon after a few laps in the pool. Ending the long day with family and friends around a warm fire with a glass of wine has its merits as well. 

Whether you love to grill, want to be able to watch a movie or your favorite team, read a book, or take a nap in the afternoon air, these outdoor spaces are designed to fulfill your relaxation desires – to a T.  

And we can close this post with a quick mention and nod to the home office.

Many of us have made the transition to a work-from-home lifestyle. Many conveniences will be afforded when working from home. However, deficiencies can be discovered as well. A dedicated home office allows you to close the door, figuratively and literally, on the workday, separating your work-life and home-life. Keeping the balance is vitally important for numerous reasons – your well-being is the most important. 

And your thoughts on these spaces?

We would love to hear your thoughts on these spaces. Or, if you care, let us know of a topic you would like us to touch. 

Ready to build your Dream Home? Let’s connect and discuss how the process begins. 

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