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Nov 11, 2021  |   Info

Shorewood Home Renovation

Here is an opportunity for you to follow an entire home transformation. 

Just prior to the commencement of demolition, we were able to sneak into this property and create a 3d Dollhouse. Featured here, in the first clip below, you are able to walk through this Shorewood Home Renovation before it begins. Take a few moments to walk the halls and spaces of this soon to be updated home. 


As you step into this 3d tour, you quickly realize that there are several items and areas that need some TLC as well as significant updating. The hardwood floors show oxidation from a large rug and need to be refinished, at a minimum. Lighting controls need to be minimized and streamlined. Cabinets, light fixtures, hardware, and so much more have a dated look and feel. The kitchen, although good-sized, does not correctly utilize its footprint. 

Let’s move on to the artistic rendering created by the architect of the project, Eskuche Design Group.

Although the general foundation shape and size remain the same, the new floorplan makes much better use of the square footage as well as the natural views that will be afforded with the new windows throughout most of the home. 

Bedrooms are more clearly defined. The owner’s suite gives up its voluminous ceiling allowing for additional space to be created by means of a second story. The entire main floor, all floors for that matter, receive a complete facelift and bring a fresh and modern look to the home. 

Follow this Story

Be sure to follow this story as we progress through the project, from start to finish. We will be following along as walls come down, installations begin, and furniture is set. Through videos, stills, live-shoots, and a final 3d tour of the completed project, you will not want to miss this one. 

Thinking of a Home Renovation?

We would love to hear about your home renovation plans and ideas. Whether initial concepts are drawn on a napkin or you have a complete plan-set, let’s connect and discuss how Revision can bring your dream home to reality. 

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