Game Rooms and Home Entertainment

Nov 11, 2021  |   Sherrick

Game Rooms and Home Entertainment

Whether a pool table, dartboard, theater screen, or cozy section, elements of today’s game rooms and home entertainment vary vastly. Tailoring the space to the individual is as rewarding for us as enjoying the space is for our clients.

More than just a place to play around.

Indeed, it is essential to have some focal points in your game room or home entertainment space. More so, it is vital that the area is warm and inviting to those you wish to be with. 

The design of these spaces needs to incorporate the functional requirements, such as pool requires specific clearance to make legal shots and enough space for casual and comfortable conversation by onlookers. Rooms need to offer alternatives to those not playing as well. Perhaps a different game or bar to sit at. Such as pictured in these examples. 

Created for You

From the piano in the foyer to the theater overlooking the lake, Stonewood Handcrafted Custom Homes creates a character in each home. We create spaces that help you create a lifetime of stories to experience and share with generations. 

Your Thoughts?

Share with us what you feel makes the best game rooms and home entertainment spaces. And, if you are considering your custom home build in the Lake Minnetonka area, we would love the opportunity to discuss your plans. 

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