Outdoor Entertaining Spaces, Patios, and Pools

Jun 9, 2021  |   Sherrick

Outdoor Entertaining Spaces, Patios, and Pools

Summer is in full swing, with this week hitting close to 100 degrees, each day. So, appropriately, Outdoor Entertaining Spaces, Patios, and Pools are the subject matter of this post. 


Outdoor Entertaining Spaces


As we venture into the heart of Summer here in Minnesota, there is nothing better than spending time with family and friends outdoors. Outdoor entertainment spaces can range from a simple patio to an elaborate, multi-tiered seating area with grilling and cooking areas that may put some indoor kitchens to shame. 

This pictured space merges the indoor living areas with the outdoor – a design that we are seeing more and more frequently. Taking advantage of rolling screens and blinds, oversized patio doors, and flowing designs, this space has an interconnected feeling throughout. Hosts and guests need not feel disconnected. 

Patios & Porches


A little more traditional, perhaps, but nonetheless inviting. Whether you are enjoying a morning cup of coffee or brunch with your best friends, porches and patios have all the amenities you can imagine. 

Here, we see two somewhat similar designs. Both offer hidden screens and shades to extend their use well beyond the typical season. Additionally, infrared heating elements and fireplaces provide added warmth for cool days and evenings. The first of these two examples take advantage of the views of the lake. Being ground-level, this patio looks directly to the water and allows guests to simply get up, and walk to the shore. 

The next patio is elevated toward the tree canopy. Natural shade provides comfort on even the warmest of days. Plus, nature is right within reach on this lakeshore property by way of the lower level, stair-accessible patio. 



And, as the mercury continues to rise, let’s finish this with Pools.

New technologies, designs, and features have made pools a very popular addition to many outdoor entertaining settings. Inground, heated, and low-maintenance options allow for months of enjoyable fun. Add on specialty lighting, music systems, perhaps a hot tub, or maybe a slide? The are so many things you can do to completely personalize your outdoor water playground. 

Let us know your thoughts. 

And if you are looking to start a renovation or remodeling project of your own, we would love the opportunity to hear about your plans. Take a few moments to run through our contact form and we will be in touch with you soon!

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