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Home Renovation and the Creative Use of Space

“We are looking for a Creative Use of Space.” We hear that often when walking through a home that is about to undertake a renovation or remodel. Space within a home is often a commodity. Sometimes, the flow of a home compromises the use of space. Occasionally, we want more but do not have the luxury of expanding the square footage of an area without losing the square footage of an equally important space. 

When we express “a creative use of space,” we are not simply looking for the best place to store items out of sight; we are looking at making the best possible design to achieve the desired results. We want aesthetics to be in place. Functionality is of utmost importance. And finally, the finished space needs to be enjoyable. 

A Bedroom Discovered

Low ceilings, rooflines, floor space, and lighting would come into play in this bedroom design – and not in the most advantageous ways. 

However, as seen here, the creative use of space did not depreciate the form and function of the room. Plenty of storage, a writing desk, a full-size bed, a sitting area, and so much more were carefully woven into this volume-compromised area. 

The custom-designed floor-to-ceiling cabinets open fully where permitted. Where not, sliding doors provide ample storage for items more suitable for storage. 

The final touch to this perfectly designed kid’s bedroom was a light fixture that could be manipulated to fill the dark areas of the room while not flooding the open space with too much light. 

Creative Use of Space in Kitchens

Is there ever enough room in the kitchen? That may depend on the number of cooks! Whether or not there is one chef or several, most will agree that layout and use of the space are most important. 

Pictured are three variations and uses of space. Although the first two examples are sculleries and rooms in and of themselves, the last, similar in look and feel, is an excellent example of using available space as effectively as possible. A long hall that served little or no function was converted into a fully useable galley-style kitchen area. Part of an extensive home renovation, this new kitchen became a significant focal point and source of enjoyment for our homeowners. 

Creative Use of Space in the Laundry Room

Perhaps not your favorite room in the home – it is dedicated to completing a chore – the laundry room should be welcoming and, if nothing more, designed to be efficient. 

Not simply about the best and most efficient appliances; this room should be a place to sort, fold, hang, and return to their rightful owners. As pictured here, the laundry room can certainly be fun, whimsical, and well-designed to help you through the chore that must be completed. 

Here we have plenty of storage space, a lovely sink, a closet rod above and out of the way, plenty of light, and enough charm and character to keep the mood light and lively. Perfect. 

Let us know your thoughts on these spaces. 

And if you are looking to start a renovation or remodeling project of your own, we would love the opportunity to hear about your plans. Take a few moments to run through our contact form and we will be in touch with you soon!

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