Custom Kitchen Renovations and Remodeling

Nov 23, 2021  |   Info

Custom Designed Kitchens

The holiday and entertaining season are just around the corner, a week from today to be precise. And so, what better time to look into a few of the custom-designed kitchens we have created. 

From the small and cozy, perfect for the empty nesters, to the grand and well-appointed for those with a culinary flair, our handcrafted custom homes never ignore the form, function, and necessities of this ever so important space. Custom-designed kitchens are far more than simply choosing the task lighting or pulls and knobs on the doors and drawers. Efficiency, flow, and a space you feel comfortable in, and one that matches your life and cooking styles, is where it all begins. 

Let’s dig in!

This kitchen, nicely decorated for the holiday season, is a great design to start with. Here, you can see that the kitchen is staged with entertaining and engaging with the guests. With seating for six, the island is the perfect gathering place while final preparations are made. 

Notice, as shown in the second and third picture, the scullery: more storage, a second fridge, sink, and plenty of space for prepping behind the scenes. 

The Creation of a Grand Kitchen

Here, we see similarities to the previous kitchen. However, the desire to cook and create elaborate meals is evident. The design of this kitchen followed our client’s specific desire to prepare wonderfully elaborate meals for the entire family. 

Two enormous islands afford more than ample space for preparing any meal. Storage for appliances, cookware, and utensils is by no means a commodity here. Two sinks are found on the main island, allowing for assistance from another set of helping hands. The second island is perfect for significant baking projects or meals that require prework to be done in stages. 

Additionally, just off of the kitchen, we see a beautiful scullery with even more storage, sink, warming ovens, microwave, a second dishwasher, and more counter space. 

A Modern Kitchen Renovation and Remodel

Moving a bit away from the function of a custom-designed kitchen, we turn to the form. 

Pictured here, a modern kitchen with clean lines, striking finishes, and lighting that itself is an art. An amalgam of the previous kitchens can be seen here. Room for seating while preparing, a scullery is seen towards the background, and all the conveniences needed for creating a great meal. However, a slight air of minimalism is present, helping lend to the modern look and feel. 

Another Classic Custom-Design Kitchen

We finish with another look at a kitchen that combines all the kitchens we have previously shown. 

Holistically, these spaces have a classic and timeless feel. The corbels feel substantial and tie in wonderfully to the range hood. Both marry well with the deep tones of the beamed ceiling. The countertops are thick and help ground many of the other elements of the kitchen. At the same time, the island’s blue coloring brings in the slightest of a country or perhaps old-world charm. 

Let us know your thoughts on these spaces. 

And if you are looking to start a renovation or remodeling project of your own, we would love the opportunity to hear about your plans. Take a few moments to run through our contact form and we will be in touch with you soon!

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