Dining Rooms and Dining Spaces

Nov 24, 2021  |   Sherrick

Dining Rooms and Dining Spaces

As the holidays are here, what better time to look into the revival of Dining Rooms and Dining Spaces? 

For some time, these spaces were often an extension of the kitchen or perhaps even another area of the home. Not long ago, the formal Dining Room fell out of favor in many home designs. However, today we see a significant resurgence of the room designated to dining only, as well as spaces that are intended for large dining tables and settings. 

As we are spending more time at home, as a family, or whether you love to entertain, the reasons need not be shared, but the desire to have a Dining Room and Dining Space has elevated to high on the list in custom homes. 

Dining Spaces

Not formal, but nonetheless important, Dining Spaces serve a multitude of purposes. Here we see several variations on the theme. Each of these brings charm and character to the rooms. Each has bench seating, chairs, a designated table and surface, and its own lighting. It is easy to envision grabbing a quick breakfast, the kiddos wrapping up some homework while enjoying an after-school snack, or a quick dinner before heading out the door for the evening. 

Dining Rooms

The spaces picture here a much more aligned with the classic perception of a Dining Room. These rooms are quite formal and are intended for celebrations, holiday gatherings, and of course, the family dinner each evening. Complete with buffets, ample room for eight or more, these rooms are stunning. 

Open Concept

Certainly, a current and relevant design, the open concept, as seen here, has evolved. Although there are no specific walls to define where one space starts and the other ends, there are visual cues such as lighting, beams in the ceiling, and other design aesthetics that signal the spaces. 

How do you view the Dining Room?

We’d love to hear your thoughts. And if you are considering a Custom Home of your own, we would enjoy having the opportunity to discuss you plans and dreams. 

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