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Aug 29, 2022  |   Sherrick

Custom Home Builder in Wayzata

As a Custom Home Builder in Wayzata, we understand “lake-life” perhaps better than many others.

You want your custom home to reflect the lake, the atmosphere, the elements of the lake, and the surrounding area. Your custom home is more than something that can be simply defined by a few specific design elements. Bright, cheerful, open, airy, connected, and many more adjectives become synonymous with the lake lifestyle and the look and feel of the homes we create. 

In this home, a very light palette was used to keep the holistic atmosphere of the main living spaces very bright. The nearly floor-to-ceiling windows allow natural light to fill the spaces, almost eliminating the need for artificial lighting throughout most of the daytime hours. Natural tones, such as those found in the wooden beams, the stone fireplace, and the neutral colors of the furniture, are subtle nods to the outdoors. The touches of greenery blend in perfectly and further blur the line between indoors and outdoors. 

Taking care to create positive energy and flow to the home is also very important. Each space is connected to the other in a flowing fashion. However, it is important to have a sense of space as well. Instead of an entirely open floor plan, we see that spaces can have a very open feel while still having a sense of separation from one another. Notice the use of names, transom windows, and archways. Each relates to the other. There are hierarchies in the designs and styles. The living room has a detailed coffered and beamed ceiling, whereas the dining and kitchen area rely on a  very simple beamed look. 

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