Home Renovations on Lake Minnetonka

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Home Renovations on

Lake Minnetonka

Considering a home renovation on Lake Minnetonka or one of the many neighboring communities? Revision Renovation and Remodeling has decades of experience in the industry as whole but is very experienced in all the intricacies that make up the charm and beauty of these lake homes. 

The Views

Of the many things that come into play when considering your home renovation, the stunning views offered by the lakeside property are probably the top priority. And why wouldn’t it be? You have searched for a long time, or perhaps have been waiting for the right moment, or whatever the reason may be, you want to take full advantage of the property, and your Lake Minnetonka renovation should do just that. 

Above, we see the great attention paid to ensuring the lake’s views were as uninterrupted as possible. Structurally, columns needed to remain to support the load of the upper level, but what had existed was a wall that entirely blocked the view that is seen in the background. This gorgeous and bright area is a joy to be in, cook in, and live in. 

Below, we see two spaces that take full advantage of all views and light pouring through the windows. Both located on the second of the home, these spaces do not specifically look onto water, but the great outdoors certainly to are within view. 

What do you consider to be the most important part of your upcoming home Renovation?

You have thought about undertaking this renovation for some time. There are considerations that you are decided on and maybe some that you have questions on and would like suggestions on what best to do next. We would enjoy the opportunity to sit down with you and discuss the process, hear your ideas, and see where Revision can help you with your Lake Minnetonka home renovation. 

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