Whole-Home Renovation with a Golf Course View

May 19, 2022  |   Info

Whole-Home Renovation with a Golf Course View

This stunning whole-home renovation features traditional design elements as well as modern finishes and features. Each room in the home was, at a minimum, freshened up with new paint and floor coverings. Some spaces were completely reconfigured by going down to the studs and starting over with a new design. 

Letting the Light Shine In

This space is certainly a favorite of the homeowners’. The rich wall colors, nearly black, would lead one to believe the space would be ominously dark, perhaps dreary. However, the nearly floor-to-ceiling windows, the light wood floors, white millwork and furniture, and the glossy finish of the ceiling, provide plenty of contrasting lightness to the dark. Ultimately, creating a striking and comfortable space. 

The Kitchen and Informal Dining Spaces

The kitchen redesign’s primary focus was on efficiency. Not wanting to change the footprint of the kitchen, the new cabinets and center island were configured with cooking styles, the typical number of guests to expect, and various other day-to-days in mind. The end result? A perfect space to prepare meals and interact with guests. 

The Informal Dining space brings a bit of style to what is typically a place to grab a quick bite before heading off to work or other activities. Here, we see how the slight whimsy of the chandelier helps keep a casual air in the room. 

From Chores to Managing from Home

Each of these two spaces takes advantage of the design aesthetic that was brought into the home while maintaining enough differentiation from the rest of the home – so that they are easy to step away from when the work is done. 

The landing, located on the second floor with the bedrooms, offers proximity to the closets, as well as ample storage and working space for sorting, folding, and ironing (a built-in ironing board is just out of frame).

The office, on the main floor, picks up the coloring found as accents in the formal living room and throughout. Streamlined with plenty of space for storage, books, and personal effects, the home office truly feels separate from the home while at the same time, connected. 

The Owner’s Suite

We love the simplistic elegance of this room. Details and embellishments are modest and unobtrusive. The color scheme is neutral but warm. The sitting chairs help create a formal feeling to the space. The chandelier chosen for this room reflects the style and tone of the rest of the home. However, its design gives it a light feel (considering the heavy nature of black, wrought-iron) and brings just the right amount of depth to the bedroom without overpowering the softer elements of the room. 

Let us know your thoughts on these spaces. 

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