Home Offices to the Scullery and Beyond

Jan 19, 2022  |   Sherrick

Home Offices to the Scullery and Beyond

From Home Offices to the Scullery and everything in between, these rooms garner a lot of our attention throughout the day.

When you consider your new custom home’s floor plan, is a Scullery part of your design? Unfamiliar with the concept, continue reading as we look, in detail, at this very functional space. 

Another element to keep in mind; the Home Office. A dedicated workspace in your home helps you set aside household distractions and focus on work. The home office allows you to enjoy your surroundings as well. 

The Scullery

The Scullery, with its origin from long ago, has seen a recent resurgence in home design. As more and more of us are finding that we must combine our work life with our personal on a greater level, such as working from home, these ancillary spaces offer more room. The two sculleries pictured here offer to very distinct views of modern-day scullery.  

The first of two is very traditional, both in aesthetic design and functional design. Here we see there is a functioning sink, warming ovens, microwave, dishwasher, plenty of cabinet space, and counter surface. Taking full advantage of everything found here, one could prepare a meal to near completion prior to bringing it out for a few minutes in the kitchen oven before serving it the quests of the evening. 

The second scullery pictured is much more of a transitional scullery. Here we see an extra refrigerator, plenty of storage, but we do not see an additional stove, microwave, dishwasher, and most importantly, there is not a sink. There was a time that running water was a requirement for a space to receive the designation of the scullery. However, this example trades the sink for a small eating area. Not exactly an office space, but more than adequate for attending to some emails and other light paperwork. 

The scullery has evolved into a space that is the reflection of each homeowner’s needs, wants, and personal style. Countless variations and options to suit every need. 

Foyer, Staircases, and Living

Pictured here, are the definitive spaces of the home. The foyer and staircase are examples of how the design intent and the architectural intent can create art out of the home, and its features, itself. Complimenting the signature pieces seen in the mid and backgrounds and just off camera right, the strong lines create a juxtaposition to the actual art that is used in the space. A perfect balance is created as both play well off of each other. 

The second of the images, a gathering room, has become a favorite of many in recent years. Opposed to the formality of a clearly defined living room, the gathering room affords a more comfortable atmosphere in which to entertain friends and family. Also, the open floor plan allows socializing to extend throughout the space as opposed to being confined to one room or the other. 

Finally, we see a specialty room. Not every home can have a “secret” room but by taking advantage of all useable space in this particular home’s floor plan, we were able to create a beautifully tucked away office, just off the bonus room – which happened to stylized as a craft room – seen below.

Art and Function

Finally, a feature that is often overlooked in a home, is the staircase. Both of these staircases feature strong metal accents and contrasting earth tones by use of rich, white oak. Combined, creating an artistic and central point of focus out of what is so often a utilitarian feature of a home. These staircases become a place not only the essential method of getting from point A to point B within the home but also a place in which to display works of art. 

Also, take note of the large windows – natural daylight pours into both of these homes, giving further warmth and brilliance to the areas.

Let us know your thoughts. 

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