The Custom Home’s Kitchen

Nov 15, 2022  |   Sherrick

The Custom Home’s Kitchen

Your Custom Home’s Kitchen, any kitchen for that matter, is a central gathering place for family. Throughout the day, it is a place where we convene to talk about the day, share experiences, and prepare meals to share. 

As we approach the Holiday Season, the kitchen becomes an even more vibrant and active focal point of the home. With doors wide open, we welcome family, friends, and many others to come and celebrate the joy that comes this time of year. 

Stonewood takes enormous pride in creating timeless homes explicitly tailored to clients and their families. Our Custom Homes’ Kitchens are no exception. Whether a gourmet cook or a master of quick and easy comfort foods, our designs, attention to detail, and all the nuances that make a kitchen great, ensure the perfect setting for gatherings of any sort and any time of the year. 

Your kitchen needs to feel completely comfortable. Consideration needs to be made for the obvious, such as selecting the brand of appliances, which appliances, types of lighting, and how you like to cook. Comfortable means everything is within reach. Items are where you expect them to be. We have all experienced cooking in someone else’s kitchen. Never easy and often frustrating as things are just not “where they are supposed to be.” 

Aesthetics should never win over functionality. There needs to be a harmonious connection between the two. 

Kitchens that tend to meld into other home areas, such as the dining and living areas, create a unique design challenge. Not only does the kitchen need not overshadow other areas of the home, it still needs to function.

Storage often becomes a commodity in spaces such as this. Adjacent to kitchens of this design, we often incorporate an oversized pantry or, even better, a scullery. 

As mentioned above, the scullery compliments the central kitchen. Instead, elements that would become too intrusive in the kitchen design pictured above are moved to the scullery. 

Here we see a full farm sink, double ovens, microwave, and, although out of frame, another refrigerator and plenty of storage. This design lends to having a fully functional prep area while keeping the utility out of the home’s main living space—the perfect solution in an open floor plan. 

Check out these inspiring kitchens.

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