Stonewood Design Trend – Black Windows

May 8, 2020  |   Sven Gustafson

White windows were absolutely the top pick for many, many years. As of the past few years, we’ve seen clients opting for a bolder look – black windows. We are completely on board with it and love the look! So we’ve rounded up a few of our custom builds where clients opted for black windows.

Traditional Lake home

Black windows can be a daunting choice to some, as many people think they are a ‘modern’ choice. Here they are in one of our most recognized homes, traditional in style with black windows and we love how it looks!

A view from the interior shows how they frame out the view, especially when you have white interior walls.

Modern Lake Home

A more modern home in itself, our Mountain Modern is the perfect architectural design for black windows. Additionally, we love how they provide some contrast on the interior and once again frame out the views to the outside.

Traditional Lake Home

Even further up on the traditional spectrum, this home has black windows and we couldn’t love it more. The provide a contrasting warmth to the space.

Now, we know that black windows are not for everyone, but wanted to show that they work well in a variety of architectural and design styles. No matter the style of home you prefer – we find that black windows can make a great statement!

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