Lighting & Decor Magazine Features Stonewood

Feb 27, 2017  |   Sherrick

Lighting & Decor Magazine February 2017 Feature

Stonewood was featured in the 2017 February issue of Lighting & Decor magazine! Editor-in-Chief Nicole Bowling said, “Smart homes incorporate technology but are also designed thoughtfully, efficiently, and with a multifunctional slant”. Stonewood’s custom home on Casco Point proved to have all the necessary goods to land it as the ‘Last Look’ feature in the recent issue.

The home features Smart Technology through a main control system, Savant. Lighting, blinds, music, television; all this can be controlled from an iPhone or iPad. In the kitchen, homeowners can enjoy coffee just the way they like it with a programmable Miele built-in coffee maker. Lastly, a separate vacuum system including a hand-held vacuum that rests in a specific disguised compartment of the counter, as well as a floor vacuum, make for easy clean up!

The Stonewood ‘Last Look’ feature is on Page 48!

Lighting & Decor features Stonewood

Lighting & Decor Feature

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