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Mar 29, 2022  |   Info

Lake Minnetonka Home Renovation by Revision

The Lake Minnetonka Home Renovation is a perfect teaser home to review as we get closer to opening our 2022 Artisan Home Tour Home, details can be found here.

This renovation left hardly a corner of the home untouched. Although careful consideration and design decisions were made early on in this Lake Minnetonka Home Renovation, the project’s scope necessitated structural changes throughout.

A quick look at the roof lines shows signature elements incorporated into the design. Notice the curved gables, which add a sophisticated charm to the home. 

Copper downspouts and roof accents are a subtle touch, while the shake-siding is a timeless touch.

Below are a few more key features and spaces of this Lake Minnetonka Home Renovation and Tour Home. 

The Kitchen and Dining Room

The ability to entertain and prepare well-thought-out meals was absolutely a must-have element for these homeowners. The island spans almost 16′ in length and provides more than enough room for meal prep while allowing guests to sit comfortably and engage in conversation. Just out of view, the scullery adds food prep and storage space. This kitchen is a perfect example of form and function in the most critical area of the home.

Just off the kitchen is the formal dining area. Although walls do not define this space, the ceiling details help mitigate the overwhelming and often voluminous feel that is so easily detected in most open floor plans. Here, a sense of space and formality is easy to connect with. 

Living Room and Patio

Again, the flowing and open floor plan, which does underscore the owners’ desire to entertain, allows guests and family to migrate from one area of the home to the next without feeling separated from the others. The floor-to-ceiling windows allow natural lighting to flood the space, again creating a sense of openness. Similarly, the beams and archway help define the area, while the 12′ ceilings keep the room from feeling even the slightest bit confining.  

Finally, an extension of the main floor, we find the Patio. Beyond the glass doors, we see a beautiful patio and porch area with plenty of space for grilling and entertaining throughout almost the entire year, thanks to a natural wood fireplace, infrared heaters, and phantom shades. 

Guest Bedroom and Home Office

On the second floor, an arts and crafts room holds the delightful surprise, a murphy bed. LVT floor covering is the perfect solution for a floor that will receive plenty of wear and tear and spills while at the same time adding a clean, finished look for the times that a guest finds themselves resting here for the evening. 

The home office is located at the end of a hall and overlooks the backyard and onto the lake. When deciding to add a home office, the owners’ concern and desire were to make sure work and home life were quickly separated. The office has a very formal and professional feel. It shares few design elements with the rest of the home. It feels disconnected from the rest of the home – meeting a particular goal and need. 

Specialty Spaces

Special mention needs to be given to these rooms: 

The Main Hall is wide open, warm in tones and color, and ends in a large open stairwell to the lower level. As you approach the stairwell, it feels inviting. 

The Main Floor Office is well-suited for day-to-day housekeeping tasks such as reading mail, checking emails, logging into the office, perhaps even sitting back for a few moments to sip a coffee and read for a little while. 

The Scullery and Wine Room are works of art themselves. With similar colored accents and design elements, these spaces fill specific needs. The scullery mentioned above serves a great purpose in every gourmet kitchen. The Wine Room, just off the main hall, is a hallmark of custom design with a climatized wall of glass-doored cabinets showcasing hand-chosen wines and bourbons from around the world. 

Let us know your thoughts on these spaces. 

And if you are looking to start a renovation or remodeling project of your own, we would love the opportunity to hear about your plans. Take a few moments to run through our contact form and we will be in touch with you soon!

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