Lake Minnetonka Custom Home Builder

Oct 3, 2022  |   Sherrick

Lake Minnetonka Custom Home Builder

Stonewood, LLC

A Lake Minnetonka Custom Home Builder, Stonewood, LLC, enjoys creating dream homes for its clients. There is, of course, the pride of stepping back and knowing that your team has created something remarkable, such as the home pictured above. But there is so much more to it than that. Here is a quote from our owner, Sven, that expands on this idea:

“Life is made up of moments shared with those we love. Your home is the foundation of those moments. A home well-crafted, will serve as a legacy of the memories you create within it.”

How you gather as a family

Often the most overlooked is the most important. Gathering as family, for dinner perhaps, creates closeness, laughter, spurs conversation, gives the opportunity to learn from one another, and so much more. 

How you gather as a family is very important to you, to the design of your home, and to us, we want to ensure we get this just perfect for you. 

How you entertain your guests

There are so many ways to entertain your guests. Perhaps it is a fire outside by the pit, with a few chairs, a view of the lake, and little soft music. Maybe it is getting together for a movie in the family room. It could be exploring the latest label in your wine collection. 

There is no right or wrong. Look into all the possibilities, and let’s build from there. We can find just the right design and function to meet your entertaining needs and wishes. 

How you love to meal prep

Kitchens are where we spend the vast majority of the time while at home. This does not mean that we are spending all that time preparing food. The kitchen has become an amalgam of work-space, kitchen-space, study-space, and the list can go on and on. How you wish to use your kitchen is important to the form and function of the entire home. It is often the centerpiece for which many other elements take inspiration or at least connect with


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What spaces of the home do you consider to be of the utmost importance?

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