Home Remodel by Revision

Aug 21, 2020  |   Info

A Home Remodel

Breathtaking from every angle

Home Remodel

This whole-home remodel in Medina, MN is features stunning finishes throughout as well as a indoor basketball court and outdoor swimming pool. No detail was missed from roof-lines to landscaping.

The basketball court is overlooked by a personal fitness are.

Home Remodel by Revision, LLC


The outdoor-kitchen complete with smoker, grill, ventilation, mini-fridge, bar-top seating area, and more.

Home Remodel by Revision, LLC


The landscaping showcases the swimming pool and lower-level seating area.

Home Remodel by Revision, LLC

Moving on to the master-bath, the claw-foot tub looks out a large window. Adjacent to the tub, a masterfully tiled shower.

Home Remodel by Revision, LLC

Let’s finish with a look into this gorgeous kitchen and dining area. We will let the photos speak for themselves.

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