Spring Snow Doesn’t Stop Stonewood

Friday: 50° & Snow…Saturday: 70° & Sun

Wet jackets, muddy boots, and confusion have filled the office this morning. The morning drive was sunny with blue skies, but the weather suddenly took a turn an hour or so after we arrived. Not to worry, we are still working away! While our subcontractors and project managers find a way to work around the weather outside on this early April day, designers and home owners are busy making important decisions at our office.

When making selections regarding tile, carpet, stonework, etc. homeowners regularly meet with the designers to touch and feel different textures, discuss all of their options, and work towards making a final decision on what they would like in their dream home. We snapped a picture of the Deco Room at the Stonewood office, prior to the meeting.

We like to think of it as Pinterest coming to life!!

IMAG1660 (1)IMAG1387

April 10, 2015