Our newest (Guatemalan) homeowner

For the past 5 years, Stonewood has provided funding to build homes in Guatemala for those that could never afford a home of their own.  For every home Stonewood builds in Minnesota, one is built in the suburbs of Guatemala city.

Most of the homes built recently have been in the town of Sumpungo, Guatemala.  Here’s the story of one of the most recent builds!

The JUÁREZ CRUZ family.  


Jeimy and her son Emmanuel Lainez Juarez, 2 years old.  She’s is a single mom and the daughter of the local pastor.    Jeimy is an entrepreuner and has a small business selling used clothing to her neighbors.

Jeimy’s parents agreed to give her part of the family’s land so she would ask to build a space for herself and her son.

Plumbing, if any, is outdoors.

The homes are built on family land, where ever it might be.  Often it is difficult to get to and to build upon.

Stonewood Supports ABC’s of Cancer

‘C’ is for Cure

This is definitely a post close to our hearts. Stonewood is happy to share that this year, we have supported St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital by purchasing artwork from the ABC’s of Cancer project. Patients at St. Jude’s selected words to match each letter of the alphabet. The words they selected represent their interpretations based on their personal battles with cancer. After creating the ABC’s, the children made magnificent pieces of art to go along with their interpretation of the letter.

Stonewood is thankful we had the opportunity to sponsor the letter “C”, which to Roman, the 8 year old artist, represents CURE!!! We could not think of a better letter and word to select. Roman won us over!

We are pleased to share with you this one-of-a-kind piece of art and cannot wait to have a copy of it hung in our office! We will be praying for Roman, and praying for a CURE!

Dutch Girl Chronicle Visits Stonewood Home

What is it like to wine and dine in a Stonewood home? Dutch Girl Chronicle shares the details!

Dutch Girl Chronicle made a visit to Stonewood’s 2016 Artisan Home and shared her experience with all of her readers! She’s a Minnesota blogger that brings her topics to life; she can make you laugh, make you smile, and you can find yourself often being able to relate to her quotes and personal experiences. Take a look at how her visit to one of Stonewood’s custom homes went!

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